About Us

Pro Nutrition is a proudly South African, Durban based company that specialises in the formulating, manufacturing and distribution of sports and health supplements. Established in 2008 and founded by Brett Bruce and co-partner Natalie Adamson.

Having spent over 20 years working within this market sector we had a clear vision of what Pro Nutrition should be and what is should represent.  Developing quality products that are great tasting but also affordable.

After identifying this specific need for quality products at affordable prices, we acknowledged that every person should be able to afford nutritional supplements in order to improve health and performance as well as assist with physique enhancement.

Pro Nutrition manufactures products using ingredients that have been internationally sourced, and all of our products meet label claims. We believe in educating the consumer and urge you to read our nutritional information section on this website, because informed customers can make better choices.

Pro Nutrition have made our products so much more available to you!

  • Direct from Manufacture to the Consumer resulting in huge savings.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with zero delivery costs.
  • Our extensive product listing, consisting of finished products and stand-alone ingredients from Amino Acids right through to unflavoured proteins.

Shop in the privacy of your own home, and “tailor make” your optimal healthcare plan that is best suited to supplement your unique needs and goals. We trust that you will thoroughly explore our website and take advantage of all that we have to offer.

Fuel Your Passion and most of all GET RESULTS.

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